UPDATE: 1654 de persoane au semnat Petitia Internationala impotriva politistului-agresor. Cazul a trecut granita Romaniei!!!

Romanian Police, Cluj County Police, Attorney General of Romania, European Commission for Justice and Human Rights, Prefect of Cluj County, MAI, Ministry of Justice: Fire Nicolae Rus from the Romanian Police Forces and punish him at the FULL extend of Ro.

Aici puteti semna si dumneavoastra: http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/romanian-police-cluj-county-police-attorney-general-of-romania-european-commission-for-justice-and-human-rights-prefect-of-cluj-county-mai-ministry-of-justice-fire-nicolae-rusu-from-the-romanian-police-forces-and-punish-him-at-the-full-extend-of-ro#share

Pana la ora 09.40 (sambata, 30 noiembrie): Petitia a fost semnata de un numar de 1654 de persoane din Romania si strainatate!
Animals Rights Activists Romania

In the attention of all Romanian and European authorities mentionned We, the signatories of this petition , outraged by the horrible ABUSE of FORCE and POWER, against honnest and peaceful citizens in Floresti – Cluj County – committed by the so-called policemna Nicoae Rusu, ask you to IMMEDIATELY fire him from the Police force, ban him from ever working in any law enforcement agency in Romania and charge him with : intimidation, abuse of force and power, illegally touching and holding a person, verbal and physical harassment.

petitie internationala

Noi, semnatarii acestei petitii, oripilati de abuzul de forta si putere impotriva unui cetatean cinstit din Floresti, abuz comis de asa -zisul politist Nicolae Rus, va cerem imediata destituire din functie a acetui individ, interzicerea de a se mai angajat in orice agentie pentru pastrarea ordinii ( orice fel de Politie ) si trimiterea lui in judecata pentru : intimidare, abuz de putere si forta, atingerea si tinerea unei persoane in mod ILEGAL, hartuire verbala si fizica.

This is what happened : on a sunny day in November 2013, a couple, husband and wife from Floresti – Cluj county, took their two dogs on a field, close to where they live, and let one of them out of leash. Out of nowhere a woman with a child in a stroller, appeared and one of the dogs went peacefully and gently towards them. The woman started screaming histerically, although the dog did not do anything. The man put the dog back on leash. Meantime the woman called her husband…he came and said that he was a Policeman, and then he grabbed the owner of the dogs by his arm, and did not let go, and called Police to come and arrest him. The owner of the dogs was taken into Police custody, like a criminal. Meantime the so-called Policeman mother-in-law continued insuting and verbally harrassing the man’s wife. Later on, imagine they have been charged with…whatever…this is UNACCEPTABLE>…this is POLICE BRUTALITY and cover-up of unlawfull actions done by a Policeman…In Romania is a CRIME to take your dogs out on a field and let them run free a little bit.

http://www.stiridecluj.ro/social/un-barbat-din-floresti-umilit-de-un-politist-de-la-judiciar-acuzat-ca-a-facut-abuz-de-functie-video#Comentează această ştire




Based on the fact that Mr. Nicoale Rusu, committed those unlawfull acts on a public space, he has to assume his responsibilities for his decision and his acts and accept the consequances. Avand in vedere ca actele ilegale comise de Nicolao Rusu s-au desfasurat in spatiul public, dansul trebuie sa-si asume responsibilitatea si sa accepte consecintele faptelor sale This individual, has brought SHAME on the Romanian Police, and he is known in the entire world. It is beyond disappointing to see how the Police in Cluj county, take the part of infractors and goes after good citizens who have committed NO CRIME…It is NOT a crime to walk the dogs, even to let them run free on a field…at least THIS IS NOT a crime in any civilized country in the REALLY DEMOCRATIC world. Acest individ, Nicolae Rus a facut de rusine Politia Romana, si acum numele lui este cunoscut in intreaga lume. Suntem total dezamagiti de faptul ca Politia din Cluj ia partea infractrorilor si doreste sa pedepseasca persoane care nu au comis NICI o crima. Nu este o crima sa scoti cainii la plimbare pe un teren viran si sa ii lasi sa alerge liberi. Cel putin aceasta NU ESTE o crima in nici o tara civilizata din lumea cu adevarat DEMOCRATICA. We ask for the harshest punishment for Nicolae Rus, and also for all the antisocial behavior displayed by his wife and his mother-in-law, against peaceful and honest people. We reserve the right to forward our petition to the European Commission for Justice and Human Rights. We remind you that Mr. Nicoae Rus MUST also be punished based on the Art.246 from the Romanian Penal Code Cerem cea mai severa pedeapsa pentru Nicolae Rusu si de asemenea pedepsirea comportamentului antisocial al sotiei si soacrei dansului, la adresa unor cetateni cinstiti si pasnici. Ne rezervam dreptul de a trimite petitia noastra si Comisiei Europene pentru Justitie si Drepturi Fundamentale. Va reamintim ca Nicolae Rusu trebuie sa fie pedepsit si pe baza art,246 din Codul Penal al Romaniei

Art. 246 Abuzul în serviciu contra intereselor persoanelor Fapta funcţionarului public, care, în exerciţiul atribuţiilor sale de serviciu, cu ştiinţă, nu îndeplineşte un act ori îl îndeplineşte în mod defectuos şi prin aceasta cauzează o vătămare intereselor legale ale unei persoane se pedepseşte cu închisoare de la 6 luni la 3 ani. We will watch closely the evolution of this case and we will take further action if Nicolae Rusu is not FIRED from all Police Forces in Romania and will not be PUNISHED at the full extend of the Romanian Laws. Vom urmari indeaproape evolutia acestui caz si vom lua toate masurile necesare in cazul in care Nicolae Rusu nu este demis din fortele de Politie din Romania si nu este pedepsit.

Thank you Multumim pentru atentie

Agentul Guvernamental pentru drepturile omului, Consiliul Europei Bucuresti
Mina Andreeva, spokesperson for Viviane Reding Commissioner for Justice
RADU STROE, Minister of Internal Affairs
Nitu Tiberiu Mihail, Procurorul General al Romaniei
Robert Cazanciuc, Ministrul Justiei
Grindean Tudor, Chief Commissioner Cluj County Police
Chief Commissioner, Floresti Police
Prosecutor, Cluj County Tribunal
Chief Prosecutor, Curtea de Apel Cluj
Horea Soica, Director Stiri de Cluj
Reporter, Stiri de Cluj
President, Eurogroupforanimals
Reporter, Hotnews
Reporter, Realitatea
Reporter, Romania libera
Reporter, DENews
Reporter, Adevarul
Reporter, RTV
Reporter, Wowbiz
Reporter, Florestistiri

Fire Nicolae Rusu from the Romanian Police Forces and punish him at the FULL extend of Romanian Laws for Unlawfull actions against honest and peaceful citizens in Floresti – Cluj County
In the attention of all Romanian and European authorities mentionned

We, the signatories of this petition , outraged by the horrible ABUSE of FORCE and POWER, against honnest and peaceful citizens in Floresti…

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  1. Poarta nume de om…dar e animal (cu cine poate, ca de era unu de masura lui nu avea el tupeu sa prinda ce aripa)…


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